Saturday, August 30, 2008

Response from Aditya’s parents on comments on this blog and Petition

Thanks to everyone who had posted condolences and sympathies and to those who left touching messages in support of our petition. For those who were asking about updates on whether Jet Airways has responded: N, there has been absolutely no response from Jet Airways as of today, 31st Aug’08. We don’t even know if the airline or the authorities are conducting any investigation into circumstances that led to Aditya’s tragic death

Responses to some of the key issues commented on:

Known Stranger said... was this just a blog awarness or seriously sent to the concerned persons in Jet airways too ?
Anonymous said... You wanna fight? I'm in it but not online, in real... in
Karthik said... Can’t believe Jet airways has not been responsive to you after this incident. After all, most of the Infy people travel by Jet airways for Europe/US travels. I think you should ask Infosys management to put more pressure on Jet.
Mohan Responds>> I have been pursuing the matter with my employer, Infosys Technologies Ltd. The incident occured during official business travel, paid for by the employer. Following is the sequence of correspondence thus far:
4th July 2008: Mohan mailed a copy of the letter to all relevant authorities including Jet Airways. European Aviation Safety Agency mailed me back indicated that the matter is outside their jurisdiction as the incident occurred while the airline landed inn India.
9th July 2008: Mohan approached Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO of Infosys. Kris directed Mr. Charles Hawkes, Vice President, to contact Jet airways and AAI
14th July 2008: Jet Airways sent Mr. U Harish Shenoy to meet with Charles Hawkes and Mohan at Infosys, Bangalore. Mr. Shenoy promised to get back in ‘a few days’ He hasn’t got back yet.

dodo said... “I am AGITATED!!!! ….There may be some solid reasons but I don’t know How on the earth you planned to make the baby travel half a way around the world, when he is just 4.5 months old!!!! Airplane travel is avoided for babies below 6 months, but many people go for short trips, BUT a 24 HOURS JOURNEY!!!!! unthinkable!!! Parenting comes with huge responsibility.
Goli said... ‘Guess families have to be more responsible.”

nrsl said... Yet, I am not sure if its a recommended action to fly a long distance along with an infant who is barely 5 months old.

Krish said... Think of the reason why people have to travel – to do business? to attend a function / see an ailing relative back home? Keep the kid out of the itinerary. It can always take that flight later in life, when (s)he is up to it.. No matter how well trained the crew is or how hospitable and accommodating the fellow passengers are, it’s after all a flying machine that you're in and its systems can always malfunction. Name of the airline or the class you fly hardly matters. The captain can hit all the right switches, turn all right knobs, yet the silly duct may have a block. As simple as that. Every flight you take is a risk and you’re actually winning a life lottery each time you have a safe touch down. Why put a kid through it all that it never asked for?

Mohan Responds>> You are all absolutely right. Fact of the matter is that working with a global company requires people to travel/relocate at short notice, sometimes with families. [re: Rajesh’s blog entry] My travel was for ‘Business Reasons.’ [Re. my corporate blog] Companies and individuals know the risks but still travel most of the time without an incident. My wife and I are doing a lot of soul-searching as to why we took the decision to travel. As far as questioning whether we were responsible?! No answers here. [Hard to imagine if ANY parent be irresponsible towards their child!]

Anonymous said... This is an extremely sad incident....This seems to be a sad incident but in my opinion it could not have occurred due to anything the Airline did or did not do. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and no one is to blame.
Mohan Responds>> Agreed. But shouldn’t an investigation be conducted to prove / disprove the matter?

Anonymous said... I know you were probably in a daze with everything, but there's also a lot of "cant remembers" and "didnt catch" in your statement. You also need to get
1) names of the cabin crew and pilot
2) Name of the doctor on board and the doctor who declared your child dead (the latter should be on the death cert)
3) Statements from 1 & 2 - this can be obtained either by yourself or your lawyers
4) Copy of the autopsy report and the names of the doctors who did the autopsy
Mohan Responds>> You are right, we were in a daze… probably still are in a daze but yes, we do have most of these details with us now.

RYK said... I think you must try and move on from the terrible thing somehow. Leave this behind somehow.
Rita Meher said... Please don't continue to be mad at yourself; it was a new situation with an infant; and I hope you two heal soon.
Mohan Responds>> Right, we need a way to leave this behind… but also to make sure NO OTHER parent ever goes through this ordeal.

Anonymous said... Did you think about contacting the media??
Mohan Responds>> A few journalists from NDTV, Times of India and other mainstream publications contacted me earlier. Only Indian Express carried a story on this incident. Not sure how else the media can help, other than sensationalize the story.

Veeresh Malik said... Having just about made it back after a few days in an ICU after an aviation related incident…
Mohan Responds>> Thanks. I will certainly research the points mentioned

Anonymous said... Have you contemplated an FIR or legal action? It will
automatically lead to an investigation by an external agency (non Jet Airways).
Mohan Responds>> I have been discussing this with my employer . I guess legal action can also get media aligned? Example: Kuldeep Nayyar seeks damages from Jet Airways for illegally offloading him


Prakash Mehta said...

No word is enough to share ur fillings. I understand that you are doing this fight with Jet for the sake of other kids. You r doing the very right thing. Be sure that physically ur kid is away from u but his soul must be with you. If u believe in Karma and re-birth, do every good thing in life which can be converted in peace and happiness of Aditya`soul. Try to find out the soul of Aditya and how u can make him happy. Soul never dies. I wish u will be able to find his existence.

Anonymous said...

my heart goes out to you. there can not be a bigger loss than what you and your family has borne. words cant even start to describe what you might be feeling

i think that your focus on jet airways is slightly narrow. given that this was rarest of rare occurence it might be difficult to find out a fault. you might blame yourself, airlines, jobs that make people travel with infants in cattle class without proper guidance, communication, other conditions etc.. you might split hair till eternity but such ambiguous issue might never resolve

though i can understand why you might be fixated on just about every minor details, i suggest you broaden your focus and turn this saddest experience into a positive energy. creating awareness on infant safety might be one such avenue.

rather than trying to find who is at fault (which will be next to impossible to prove in any case), another way might be to create awareness. build a community for infant safety, provide a platform to people to discuss their experiences and form a movement

again i am totally saddened by the news and pray to the almighty to give you strength to bear this loss..

Gauri said...

I deeply feel for you and your family.But did u ever find out the reason for the death of the baby? Did u have an autopsy done.If so wht was the result.Was there some already existing condition? This is very important.You must atleast know wht the baby died of.

Mridula said...

Any new developments on the issue Mohan?

Anjani Singh said...

I just can't imagine the pain and suffering you both have to go through this. My heart goes out for you guys. As a parent, we can't even describe the immense pain. We pray to God to give you guys enough strength to go through this. I know its easy to say but too tough act to follow.