Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hard to believe our Baby Aditya is no more

Aditya was born to loving parents, Suja and Mohan on 26th Jan 2008 in Mississauga, Toronto (Ontario). About 10 days over due, he finally arrived as a bundle of joy, a healthy baby boy! Boys must wear blue, goes the custom so Aditya was gifted all blue dresses, sweaters, jumpers, blankets and everything else that little babies need.

Two days after he was born, we drove him to the doctor for a regular checkup on a day that also experienced the biggest snowfall of the season (about 4 feet) with a windchill of over – 18 celcius. Canadian, eh? Went the weather gods. Aditya was all set to grow up a proud Indo-Canadian.

His four-and-half months in this world were amazing, to say the least. The sheer joy he brought to us, his parents (and his grandparents halfway across the world) was to put it simply, priceless.

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radhika said...

just unbelieveable that this could happen...am feeling extremely bad that the parents had to go through such a tragedy.its the worst nightmare that any parent shud go thru.may god give u both the courage & strength to go thru & face life..when god closes one window ... he opens one more .have faith & we all pray for aditya.