Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mashallah what a fine baby!

Mashallah what a fine baby, exclaimed Dr. Hussain, our family doctor in Mississauga during Aditya's first monthly visit. She did a general checkup and exclaimed that he was doing extremely well for his age – 4 weeks. And later the expression, Mashallah ("Praise the Lord"), became a running joke between my Suja (Aditya’s mom) and self.

Proud first time parents, we took joy in the fact that our newborn was blossoming into a fine baby showing signs of early development…and a kudos from our family doctor was enough to trigger an extra burst of joy.

Halfway across the globe, Aditya’s (maternal and paternal) grandparents were joyous too. And thanks in part to free web-conferencing technology from yahoo and Microsoft, were able to watch the little one grow week-by-week.

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