Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sick baby dies on plane .. How about a Baby that was not sick?!

Here's a story of a sick baby that died on board an Aircraft recently. Aditya Mohan was NOT sick... but still died! RIP

A sick four-month old girl died on board Monday’s Air Pacific flight from Nadi to Sydney, while she was on her way to receive treatment in India. Earlier media reports of the flight having been diverted appear to be false and e-Travel Blackboard can confirm the girl was on flight FJ911 codeshare with Qantas flight QF392.

The baby is believed to be one of several sick children who were headed towards India from for specialist medical treatment, a procedure which is believed to becoming more common with Fijians.

The group was in fact travelling with a doctor. A post-mortem is currently being conducted, but NSW investigators are not treating the death as suspicious.

Officials said the flight landed safely at the scheduled time of 11:45am, and that the body of the toddler has been taken to the Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick. The group were expected to change flights and carriers in Sydney.

UPDATE: In a statement, Air Pacific CEO, John Campbell, commented that the baby was suffering from an existing congenital heart disorder, and was on the flight with a party of six sick children who were headed to India via a charity sponsorship from Vodafone. Source

Questions parents of Aditya are asking:

  • CEO or a senior Executive from Jet Airways has not commented on the death of baby Aditya. Wonder why?
  • Baby Aditya was not sick, but still died at the time of landing under unusual circumstances. What are the authorities and Airline doing to investigate?
  • Why did the Indian media not pick up on the story of Baby Aditya dying in the aircraft? [Only Indian Express has carried this news]

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