Sunday, July 20, 2008

Questions cannot bring back our child back to life

Jet airways’ website says: Infant and Child Care: Special attention is always given to our younger patrons of Jet Airways. A PACK OF LIES ... IF THERE WAS ONE

Question to Jet Airways: Why don’t you assign Bassinet Seats even after they are confirmed?

For a parent to see a child die while in their hands can perhaps the most heart wrenching experiences; something one would never have even imagined. Now, for this to happen in an aircraft while in descent is all the more excruciating. My wife and I continue to re-live Aditya's final moments.

On the fateful flight 9W 229, we had requested and confirmed a Bassinet seat for little Aditya. On boarding, we were shocked to find that we did not have such a seat assigned. After arguing with the crew, we were assigned such a seat but what was more shocking was that even in a half-full flight, the lady seated in that seat refused to vacate! What did the stewardess do? Just shrugged her shoulder!

Not that this fiasco alone was responsible for little Aditya’s death… but makes one wonder: if we had a seat pre-assigned, would it have been any different?

I have drafted a questionnaire and mailed out to Jet Airways and other Aviation authorities. It has been over two weeks but NO RESPONSE YET.


Squiggles Mom said...

I am so so sorry. I don't have any words that could comfort. May God give you the strength to deal with this.

Anonymous said...

Felt very sorry for your child,may god place him in heaven,no one can compencate your loss but we all should make some effort and create some awareness so that no one should suffer this kind of loss in future.
We all are with you in this moment of sadness.

Manoj Arora, vipin Lakhera